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Our mission & Vision

In November 2013, First Few Moments™ became incorporated in New York State as a nonprofit educational corporation and shortly thereafter received 501(c)(3) status. A volunteer board of directors made up of geographically diverse EMS and fire professionals from across the United States, along with an international volunteer executive staff, helps assure that the delivery of educational programs to first responders, with focus to those in the rural areas, maintains a high level of educational quality. The board will also help guide the direction of the corporation based upon its mission, vision, and values.

First Few Moments™, inc. will be the leading cross-industry educational series of programs for emergency responders who arrive first on what can be defined as a disaster. Using sound educational principles and various methods of delivery learners will receive the latest and most up-to-date information based on the core values of Safety, Management, Triage, and Care.

Our core values

Good education is good design

Our Program

Our History

In 2004, a small island community fire department in Maine responded to a couple of serious MVCs that did not go as expected in terms of management and care. In recognizing that there was a problem, they requested that an educational program be developed so they could better be prepared for future incidents; this was the birth of the First Few Moments™ program.


Built on the premise that an MVC involving only a few people could greatly overwhelm a rural department, the program takes the basic principles of disaster management and applies them to the typical response to such an incident. The curriculum is based around the four core values of safety, management, triage, and care, and it encompasses the time from dispatch until the incident is mitigated. It is delivered simultaneously to both EMS and fire department personnel, allowing each specialty to develop a better understanding of the others’ responsibilities at the scene.


The First Few Moments™: Managing the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Crash program is a 12-hour course where, through the use of lectures, interactive learning sessions, and full scale evolutions, the learners will adapt principles of disaster management and apply them to the everyday disaster: the multi-patient motor vehicle crash.

Course Participants

Course Hosting

Offered simultaneously to both EMS and fire department personnel, each specialty is able to develop a better understanding of the other’s responsibilities. Fire fighters, line officers, extrication personnel, incident commanders, medical first responders, EMTs, paramedics, and flight crews are the targeted audience for this program. Physicians and other  hospital personnel who are also interested in the concepts of MVC management are also encouraged to participate.

To bring the First Few Moments™: managing the scene of a motor vehicle crash course out to your area contact the National Office who would be able to put you in touch with a local course coordinator or will arrange National Faculty to come to your location.

COurse completion

Course Costs

Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate acknowledging their successful completion of the First Few Moments™: managing the scene of a motor vehicle crash course. This certification only demonstrates successful completion of the curriculum.


As information is always changing it is recommended that participants update the course every four years. As the program develops, more information will be provided.

Course costs are set by each course coordinator. However the tuition paid by each student includes a $20 surcharge that goes to First Few Moments™, Inc. to help offset costs of program development.

Our Curriculum


  1. Establish a safe work zone;
  2. Use a revised Incident Command System;
  3. Triage adult and pediatric patients;
  4. Assess, extricate, & provide initial patient management.




Understanding the Definition of Disaster

Small Scale Incident Management System

The Revised Trauma Assessment

Introduces the program and basic disaster principles.

NIMS applied to the MVC using limited resources often found in rural areas.

Assessment & management of the trauma patient using a problem-based algorithm.

Roadway Safety

Patient Triage

Safety Officer

The establishment of a traffic incident management area and temporary traffic control zone will keep traffic moving while protecting responders.

Overview of sorting and prioritizing the management of adult and                          pediatric patients.

For the safety of the responders and the public, designating a safety officer is essential at the scene of an MVC.

interactive learning sessions


IMS Tabletop

Extrication Techniques

Hands-on practice using the S.T.A.R.T. and JumpS.T.A.R.T. methods of triage.

A scripted problem-based exercise to manage an MVC with limited resources.

An exercise in communication and teamwork in order to extricate a critically injured patient without the use of tools.

Traffic Incident Management Tabletop

Management of the TBI Patient

The Pediatric Trauma Patient

Developing traffic management plans for various incidents and roadways.

Preventing secondary brain injury through proper airway and ventilatory management is essential to lessen the impact of a traumatic brain injury.

Using a scenario, learners will assess and manage the pediatric patient who brings about numerous challenges.

The Revised Trauma Assessment

Critical Decisions

Using an algorithm, rapidly determine and manage injuries and conditions that are life-threatening.

A walk-through discussion of the management of an MVC and the decisions that must be made.

Final Evolutions

Full-scale simulations involving multiple vehicles & simulated patients where learners “respond in” using a staggered response & in real time. This provides an opportunity to apply the information learned.



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